Seamless screens are an innovative way to create a large-format screen, and the size depends on the customer's imagination. We can create a wall up to 4.5 m diameter.
We offer seamless screens NEC UN of 46'' NEW which we combine into 2x2 walls, i.e. 92'' (dimensions: 205.2cm width x 116cm height), 3x3 walls, i.e. 138'' (dimensions: 307.8cm width x 232cm height) as well as 3x2, 4x3, 4x5 walls; FRAME BETWEEN SCREENS OF ONLY 6MM
The advantage of these screens is the size of the image, and at the same time, the high quality achieved through high resolution ( 1 module of 1366x768), 750cd brightness, 3000: 1 contrast
LED parameter: 3.91mm (P3)
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