Light and sound

Acoustic climate created by sound of, e.g., exhibition stand, conference, integration events attracts attention, makes spending time in a given place more pleasant and ensures that the information gets to every potential customer who is nearby. 
We offer professional amplifiers, mixers, amplimixers, column sets and wireless microphones and headsets of such brands as:
  • - Microphones: Shure, SENNHEISER
  • - Speakers: APART, DEXON
  • - Amplifiers and mixers: YAMAHA, Studio Master, MONACOR
Light and sound
SGM Idea Spot 575 Head

Beam moving head of high quality with excellent capabilities. A number of pre-programmed scenes and effects with dynamic colours.
Source: MSR 575/2 (7200 ° K), Lifetime 1000h Enabling/Disabling the bulb by DMX
Colours: Colour wheel: 8 filters and white Gobo Rainbow effect: 1 Gobo wheel: 6 rotating Gobo, indexed, gobo shake, rainbow effect 2 Gobo wheel: 7 static gobo, gobo shake
  • - Ability to work without a DMX controller
  • - Synchronization of 8 built-in programs with music
  • - 48 programmable scenes
  • - Change of colours and gobo in synchronization with Blackout
  • - Triple rotating prism, indexed Focus Iris (5% -100%)
  • - Liquid Frost Zoom 18°, 22°, 26°
Dimmer-Strobo: Liquid Dimmer; Aperture; Strobo in the range of 1-13 flashes/sec. Pan/Tilt: Pan 530° (Optionally 630°) Tilt 265°. Pan/Tilt speed control, Pan/Tilt resolution - 8/16 Bit. Signal: DMX 512. It occupies 16 DMX channels
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